Monday, October 08, 2007

Poor turn out at Fiji Day celebration

The turn out of people for Fiji Day celebrations at the Albert Park yesterday was very poor and very less people actually turned up for the celebrations compared to previous years. The day commenced with a march by the Fiji Police Force Band, Presidential Salute, National Anthem and 21 gunshots salute.
A student of Yat Sen Secondary School, Vilisi Sovanivalu said it was sad that people did not take interest in the celebration of their country�s independence.
�We can see people falling apart, especially the different race groups hat had contributed in the development and one major reason for this division was lack of unity,� said young Vilisi.
�It has been said that united we stand and divided we fall and this is where we stand when we fall so its time that we all join hands and work together leaving our difference behind,� she said.
�Rain may be one reason why there is low turn out of people but this shows how much interest people have for their country compared to previous years, people came in large numbers despite rain.
�People should come in large numbers to commemorate this day because this is the day when we gained independence,� said Vilisi.
She said every citizen can help in moving the country forward by leaving their past behind.
�We should leave behind whatever has happened in the country but start with a new beginning so that we can move the country forward to better Fiji,� said Vilisi.
She said the elders in the community should be role models on such occasions.
�Fiji is a multiracial country and we all should join hands. We cannot relive living in past but forgive our enemies and love all.�

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