Friday, October 05, 2007

Fiji Military Mindset

Umpublished Letter to Editor - 2 October 2007

Fiji Times
Colonel Tikoitoga's verbal assault on Ratu Joni's statement on the wide-ranging resentment by Fijians towards the military reveals the irrational mindset in the military leadership. He referred to the make up of the military and attempted to paint a picture of unity that we all know is false just like what his boss painted at the UN about Fiji.

The correct question to ask is how many of those Fijians in the military had voted for the SDL and in turn made up the over 80% Fijians who voted for it? If he then has the intestinal fortitude to also ask who in fact voted for the military in removing an elected government, he would get his just answer but would no doubt engage in verbal yoga to justify the illegal act.
Ratu Joni had asked the only question relevant in considering the need for an armed service namely; who is the enemy and where will it come from? Like New Zealand, there is none externally. Other duties have mainly been about patrolling territorial waters and assisting internally largely about the break down in law and order. That is why we have a Police force which could also be upgraded to patrol territorial fisheries.
Sadly for Fiji, we have also come to rely on the military as a revenue generator through peacekeeping funds.
No change anywhere in the world has been successfully imposed through the point of the gun. It will be no different for Fiji despite the corrupt and illegal efforts of the current regime. Fijians are now awake to this truth and have clearly identified the military and its leadership as the perpetrator and will bear the brunt of their wrath for having bastardised their institutions and poisoned inter-fijian comradeship.
Sai Lealea

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