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Fiji Military Mindset

The Rationale Of A Deranged Military Man - Part 2

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Further to the comments made by military spokesman, Mosese Tikoitoga, in response to Rt Joni Madraiwiwi's public statements (you can read the full story here), HnC comments as follows.

Tikoitoga said:-

Despite all that is being said the members of the RFMF are united because it's not just a job once you're a soldier, you're always a soldier.

There's a saying that you can take the uniform out of the soldier but not the soldier out of the individual.

I would like to ask Tikoitoga what he would say about all the SENIOR military officers who have resigned from the military - Lt Col Filipe Tarakinikini, former chief of staff, Col Ratu George Kadavulevu , Col Alfred Tuatoko, Colonels Samuela Raduva and Akuila Buadromo, former Naval Officer Commander Timoci Koroi and most recently former Land Force Commander Col Jone Baledrokadroka.

Some of those officers refused to pledge allegiance to the Commander at the height of the stand-off regarding his re-appointment in January 2004.

Even Tarakinikini had warned the country way back in 2002 that the way Baini Marama was acting, a dictatorship would ensue if nothing was done to stop him. You can read that story here.

It seems he was right.

To the officers who have left the military, the uniform was much more than just about being a soldier - it was about HONOUR.

And they chose to do the HONOURABLE thing rather than follow Baini down this path of destruction.

In my view, they are TRUE military officers because they lived by a code of honour which was greater than any one individual, even their Commander.

Tikoitoga said:-

People talk about removing the military but they fail to understand the military is here for the country. It is the last line of defence when all else fails.

Are you kidding me, who will attack Fiji?

The only threats to democracy we've had since Independence have been from the military themselves.

Rt Joni correctly pointed out that there were no external enemies thus there was no need for the military.

What should have been said in addition was that there were no external threats that could not be deterred by bilateral security agreements with our more powerful neighbours, like Australia and New Zealand.

It seems therefore that the military's need to justify its own existence is what may be fueling the coup culture in Fiji.

Either that or the military is going through an IDENTITY CRISIS and is unsure what its role is - beyond peacekeeping.


The Rationale Of A Deranged Military Man - Part 3

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The third and last part of the HnC's commentary on the sweeping statements by military spokesman, Mosese Tikoitoga, follows. You can read the full story here.

Tikoitoga said:-

The comments (by Rt Joni) displayed a poor, strategic mind.

Ratu Joni was out of touch with reality because there were calls from people who were victims of violent crimes for the military to return to the streets.

He says the military should take responsibility for the acts of inhumanity but no one talks of the social implications of the drug peddlers and bootleggers the RFMF removed from the streets could have had.

We focus too much on the little things that we lose sight of the bigger picture.

By saying this, Tikoitoga has provided us a unique insight into how the mind of a military leader works.

The military has shown here that they believe their role to be centered around DOMESTIC SECURITY, even though we have a Police Force empowered by statute to deal with that.

Rt Joni drew the military's attention to the "acts of inhumanity" that were being carried out in the name of MOVING FORWARD.

But instead of trying to explain that - Tikoitoga tried to justify it as an unavoidable "side effect" of what they were trying to do.

In other words, the military (or at least Tikoitoga) believes the acts of inhumanity were justified because they served a purpose.

The purpose was to eradicate crime.

That the ends justified the means.

He said no one talks about the social implications of the drug peddlers and bootleggers that they've taken off the streets.

What Tikoitoga does not realise is that they're all back anyway!

He didn't even make a DENT in their operation.

All the military did was KILL and injure SUSPECTS and he has the gall to call our drawing attention to that - "focusing on the little things".

The military has truly lost its way under the leadership of people like Tikoitoga.

He is a THREAT to the survival of REASON.

As long as there are people like Tikoitoga in power, people like Baini Marama can continue to do what they are doing - because he justifies everything Baini does no matter how INSANE or IRRATIONALE it may seem to the rest of us.

The mind of the military man therefore first and foremost about loyalty - BLIND LOYALTY.

The mind of the military man is filled with fear of the THREAT of severe retribution against themsleves and their familes should they decide to challenge the MILITARY'S agenda, or purpose.

The mind of the military man is therefore SUSPICIOUS of everyone and everything.

Most of all, the mind of the military man is perpetually trapped in the school yard of his youth, faced everyday with the decision of whether he should continue to align himself with the school yard bully or oppose him.

Many military men realise what is going on is WRONG but they don't want to be the one to oppose the BULLY.

Because they also realise the stakes are much much higher than in a school yard brawl.

HnC believes that many of these soldiers will bide their time and when the opportunity presents itself, just like it did in school - there will be a FREE FOR ALL at the camp and the BULLIES will be removed, permanently.


GCC Committee: A Farce

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ganilau2.jpg iMinister Fijian Affairs, Epeli Ganilau

FijiTimesOnline reports as follows:-

Update: 12.02pm

THE taskforce appointed to review the Great Council of Chiefs this morning handed in its report to the interim Fijian Affairs Minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

The review team headed by former Senator Ratu Tu'akitau Cokanauto visited Fiji's 14 provinces to get views and opinions on the Great Council of Chiefs.

While there were mixed reactions to the review, what came out quite strongly was the need for the independence of the GCC without interference from the Prime Minister and President.

The report is expected to be perused and scrutinised by the relevant authorities before it goes back to the provinces and a final report compiled.

For some, the actions of the GCC Committee were UNUSUAL or SUPRISING

For others, it was to be EXPECTED.

Several Provincial Councils are still trying to determine from their people what their stand should be on the matter.

Meanwhile, the GCC Committee has gone ahead and compiled and tendered the Report.

This means the views of the 14 provinces were not really necessary.

What then was the purpose of that whole exercise?

Another waste of taxpayers money just to make it look like they had PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS before they did what they were going to do anyway.

What a FARCE.

If they thought some of the Provincial Council might come back with a vote in their favour, they wouldn't have thought twice about delaying the Report.

The fact that the Report was FAST-TRACKED and tendered - despite that not all the provinces had given their views - means that they KNEW that majority of the provinces would reject the proposed changes to the GCC,

…. and reject the People's Charter,

…. and reject the interim regime itself.

Is this then what we are to expect from this regime?

Is this the way we can expect them to run the REFERENDUM on strategic changes to the Constitution.

Changes that will favour the watering-down of indigeous rights in Fiji?

These people are SHAMELESS.

They DON'T CARE that we can all see what they are doing because they have convinced themsleves that what they are doing is RIGHT.

They are DRUNK with the most intoxicating drug of all - POWER.

Under the influence of this drug, they will do and say anything that will keep them in the loop for another FIX, every now and then.

They will keep saying to themsleves - just one more DOSE, please.

The ONLY way to save them to make them go COLD TURKEY.

Deny them of this drug once and for all and I will guarantee you that when the fog begins to settle, they will begin to SEE just how STUPID they've been acting all this time.

And they will start crawling back to their families and friends to ask for forgiveness.

They will walk through the Streets with their heads hung low in case someone recognises them and draws unwanted attention their way.

The children will also feel the SHAME of their parents' ACTIONS.

What a life they have in store for them (and their families).

And all for a little POWER and PUBLIC ATTENTION.


A Pocket Full Of Lies

October 1st, 2007 at 1:42 pm ( Uncategorized )

7e9fa659fd7b138eaa48.jpg Blah blah blah, Baini Marama at New York (with his new taxpayer funded suit and tie)

Much has been said about the speech delivered by iPM, Baini Marama, to the UN General Assembly on Saturday morning.

When you read the whole speech, you can't help but be amazed at how much this DIMWIT actually believes in his own LIES.

But, the speech itself was actually quite GOOD.

Much too GOOD to have been written by that bumbling IDIOT who read it out to the worlds leaders like a kindergarten kid reading out The Cat in the Hat to his peers.

The speech had the hallmarks of a GREAT speech writer.

A diplomat perhaps?

Or perhaps an academic?

However, the speech was flawed in that it was grossly MISLEADING.

It was full of LIES and HALF TRUTHS.

Some of the LIES were hidden in between known truths to give it a sense of LEGITIMACY.

In that speech, Baini portrayed himself to be a reluctant HERO of the downtrodden minority in Fiji.

In it, Baini freely admitted that he overthrew an ELECTED GOVERNMENT but he said he did it because he had NO CHOICE.

He said he did it because the elected government was promoting RACIST and DIVISIVE policies aimed at MARGINALISING the Indian population in Fiji.

He said:-

In the past years, Fiji's overall governance took a dramatic turn for the worse. In particular, this was characterised by the politicisation of the prison services and the criminal justice system. There was also a significant weakening of the key institutions of governance; a pervasive increase in corruption; serious economic decline combined with fiscal mismanagement; a sharp deterioration in the law and order situation; and a deepening of the racial divide in the country.

The convicted coup perpetrators were prematurely discharged from prison, and certain coup perpetrators and sympathisers were appointed as senior Government Ministers and Officials. There were also a series of legislations that were deeply divisive and overtly racist.

The 2001/2006 General Elections were not credible. They were characterized by massive rigging of votes with the incumbent government using the State's resources to buy support.

Fiji's overall situation by late 2006 had deteriorated sharply, heightened by massive corruption and lawlessness, a severe erosion of confidence, and an economy on the brink of collapse. Also, during the later part of 2006, Fiji's Military had to pay particular attention to certain external threats to the sovereignty of the Nation.

He said many other things and you would really need to read the WHOLE speech to appreciate the huge EFFORT put into selling the BIG LIE to the UN General Assembly.

He unashamedly spelt out the SAME list of unsubstantitated allegations against which he carried out the unpopular coup of 5/12.

What he didn't say was that after 10 months, he and cronies have found NO EVIDENCE to support those allegations.

He said that Fiji would move forward under a Charter which has been endorsed by the majority of the people in Fiji.

And yet the best results of the people's wishes was reflected under the 2006 General Elections.

He said the General Elections were "characterised by massive rigging of votes" and yet he failed to the mention that those findings came from a not-so-independent Commission of Inquiry, who later had difficulty justifying their conclusions.

But rest assured people.

At the end of the day, the UN General Assembly weren't fooled.

The Commonwealth of Nations weren't fooled.

The people in the Fiji weren't fooled.

The FOOL was Baini Marama standing up there like Comical Ali declaring to the leaders of the democratic world that he had taken over over the democractically elected government in effect - to uphold DEMOCRACY.

What a HOOT.

Baini's speech was a SLAP IN THE FACE for all democractic nations because it presumes to TELL them that their democracies - which have been in existence for hundreds of years before Baini was even a twinkle in his father's eye - don't work.

What Baini did not count on was NZ Foriegn Minister, Winston Peters, coming on after him and completely debunking his entire speech.

Winston Peters, sounding more credible and intelligent than Baini, told the UN General Assembly the TRUTH about what was happening in Fiji.

You can read the full story here.

As far the UN were concerned, they just wanted to see for themsleves if Baini was as LOONEY as they had heard (in the Reports by their Chief Advisor in the Peacekeeping Department).

And, as far as they were concerned - they got their ANSWER

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