Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Driti is a Lost Hope

Driti accuses Clark of interference

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
NEW ZEALAND Prime Minister Helen Clark could very well be the reason for the delay in Malaysia approving Colonel Pita Driti as Fiji's ambassador there, claims the military officer.
Colonel Driti told Fiji Times Online that Ms Clark had visited Malaysia and may have applied pressure on the Malaysian government to turn down his appointment.

''Well, it has been unusually long for a reply from Malaysia. And I know Helen Clark went to Malaysia and had a hand in this,'' Colonel Driti said. ''I believe there was also a lot of international political pressure.'' Fiji Times Online has sought a comment from Ms Clark's office.
The processing of his nomination, Colonel Driti said, could now be further delayed with Muslims around the world observing their holy month of Ramadan.

The colonel had earlier said he wanted the suspense to be over with so he could get on with his life in the military but it now seems he has lost all hope. ''If you want any more comments you should speak with the Foreign Affairs Minister, he should be able to say something about it,'' Colonel Driti said. Interim Foreign Minister Ratu Epeli Nailatikau had earlier denied Malaysia had rejected Colonel Driti's nomination. ''These things take a while to process and when they are ready they will let us know,'' Ratu Epeli had told Fiji Times Online.
A former diplomat himself Ratu Epeli said that it was a diplomatic embarrassment that Colonel Driti's nomination had been publicised before the host nation made a decision.

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