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A Christian Perspective for Voreqe and his Mates

October 3rd, 2007

Since the military is made up of 99.9% Fijians, it is fair to say that 99.9 % of the men and women in the military are Christians.

From a Christian's perspective, the actions of Commander Frank Bainimarama and his men before and after Dec 5 have clearly shown a lack of respect for authorities (State, Church and Vanua).

As far as respecting authorities is concerned, the Bible is very clear on this:-

Everyone must obey authorities because no authority exists without God's permission and the existing authorities have been put there by God. Whoever opposes the existing authorities, opposes what God has ordered and anyone who does so will bring judgement on himself.

Romans 13: 1-2

Never before in the history of Fiji have we ever experienced the Commander of the RFMF to be very vocal about his opposition on the ruling government as the correct lines of communications were always followed.

The constant criticism and complaining by Bainimarama on the government of the day manifested itself in an insubordinate behaviour.

It was only a matter of time before he started flirting with deception that lured him away from the authority that God placed over his life for his protection.

Bainimarama rejected the advice by the Church, GCC and the Government with the help of the New Zealand leaders, to avoid carrying out the coup before Dec 5.

In doing so, he has resisted the very one who instituted these authorities - GOD.

He can come up with a long list of what he and his regime have achieved and still be judged by God on judgement day for his rebelliousness to the authority God put him under.

As for the rest of the men and women in the military, the issue regarding obedience and submission comes into question.

Again the Bible states that:-

We are to obey and be submissive to authorities.

Hebrews 13:17

We understand very well the line of command up at the camp.

A lot of soldiers when asked about their support for the coup said that they were just following orders, others were worried about their bread and butter while some believed in the clean up campaign.

What these Christians should have been asking themselves were:-

  • What if my leader is making the wrong decision?

  • What if I don't agree with my leaders decision?
  • Where do I draw the line?

The Bible teaches UNCONDITIONAL SUBMISSION but the Bible DOES NOT teach UNCONDITIONAL OBEDIENCE to authorities.

The only time we are told not to obey authority is when authority tells us to do something that is directly against or violates the holiness of the written Word of God. Eg. Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 3: 16-18) Daniel spoke with respect to the King (submission) but refused to obey his command because it violated God's second commandment.

Yet he was blessed by God and delivered from the lions.

Since submission deals with our attitude and obedience deals with our action, those in the military had and still have a choice to obey or disobey their leaders based on God's word.

The overthrow of a democratically elected government can never be justified because it disregards God's delegated authority.

By using the excuse of a clean up campaign, what Bainimarama and those in the military have done is they have substituted the principle of obedience to God with the principle of reasoning.

As a result of their disobedience, they have forfeited their rights to God's protection, provision and presence - they are now operating in darkness.

The only way out for them is to repent, seek forgiveness and get themselves right with God.

The Rationale Of A Deranged Military Man - Part 1

October 2nd, 2007 at 11:04 am ( Uncategorized )

The article in FijiTimesOnline titled "Rt Joni out of touch: Military" got me thinking about the way the military mind works.

You can read that whole article here.

The article was essentially the military's response to the recent public comments made by former Vice President, Rt Joni Madraiwiwi, at the Fiji Indigenous Business Council meeting.

Military spokesman, Mosese Tikoitoga, said:-

Ratu Joni should be asked who exactly he was referring to when he talked about Fijians feeling hurt, aggrieved and people feeling resentful and bitter towards the military.

I can assure that the RFMF is made up of 99.9 per cent of (indigenous) Fijians. All the provinces are represented in the army. So when he talks about Fijians who is he referring to?

Well, Tikoitoga should know that at last count there are 478,500 Fijians in the Fiji.

There are at best 12,000 soldiers in the military - 99.9% of which are Fijians (according to Tikoitoga).

That means the Fijians in the military represent about 2% of the Fijian population.

Which Fijians is Rt Joni talking about?

Well, I guess the other 98% of Fijians living outside the camp!

The problem with the military people like Baini Marama and Tikoitoga is that they think the whole world revolves around them and their activities at the camp.

That the soldiers in the camp are good indicators of the PULSE of the nation.

But they are DEAD WRONG.

The best indicator of what the majority of the people in Fiji want are the results of the last GENERAL ELECTIONS.

And no amount of brainwashing can CHANGE that fact.

Pictures Say A Thousand Words

October 2nd, 2007 at 4:15 pm ( Uncategorized )

This picture of iPM, Baini Marama, was taken shortly after the coup:-


Notice the STRONG, ARROGANT and CALLOUS look of the man who had just taken over the country - and doesn't give a SHIT.

And this picture of him was taken at New York before the UN General Assembly:-


Notice the FEARFUL and UNSURE look in his eyes. They tell the story of man full of self-doubt and remorse.

Na rere e tiko vei iko?

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