Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Britain maintains negative travel advisory

The British Government continues to advise its citizens to exercise caution when travelling to Fiji after the Public Emergency regulation was lifted on Saturday.

The latest advisory issued states that there remains a potential for civil unrest and British citizens are to avoid military or political rallies and large gathering of people. It also advises its citizens to avoid openly discussing openly the political situation in Fiji.

The British Government also advises that the main type of incident its nationals, while in Fiji, were victims off include theft of money and passports. It said robberies thefts and assaults have occurred against foreign nationals and precaution needs to be taken.

Meanwhile, the Australian Government has again advised their nationals to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling to Fiji after reviewing and reissuing the same level of caution saying that even though the Public Emergency Regulation has been lifted they should be cautious of the Political situation in the country.

The Advisory also said that it is possible that the political tension could develop into violence and unrest especially around the Suva area.

However, the Military remain firm that they will continue to keep a close watch on the security situation and advise the Military Council accordingly.

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