Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Becoming the enemy

Letter to Fiji Times editor - 23 October, 2007.

WHO says the President is in a position to make discreet decisions?

I agree with the sentiments of Shamima Ali that it is common belief that our President is not making the decisions he is purported to be making since December 5, 2006.

During the December crisis, there was no press release or statement from Government House within the first 24 hours of the military holding the Government hostage.

An official statement was released more than 24 hours after the coup.

The Office of the President said it did not condone nor support the actions of the military and its officers.

I can rightly recall on May 19, 2000, when then President Kamisese Mara issued a presidential statement in the afternoon of the same day.

I remember him saying that he was still the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces and that he disapproved of the actions of George Speight and his band of gunmen.

Now, that is what we require of the President to be able to do.

He should come out in public and make statements about decisions he has made, re-assuring the nation that he is still the Head of State.

What is being seen now is that the President may just be a puppet in our current state of affairs.

The RFMF and the interim Government has, in its defense in the constitutional case, said that their actions were through the President exercising his executive powers.

What then was the statement saying otherwise issued after December 6.

The 2000 and 2006 coups are similar in a sense that the President (then and now) did not support the actions of the coup makers and issued statements to that effect.

The sad part was that the RFMF, who should be taking their cue from its Commander in Chief, went the opposite way and strengthened the perpetrators' position.

We can say that the RFMF has now become the perpetrators themselves.

They should be reminded that when you use the enemy's tactics, you have become the enemy yourself.

Utiko Nabunobuno

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