Monday, October 01, 2007

Abuse and Torture by the Illegal Fiji Regime Thugs

Click on the link ( to learn about the murder of Sakiua Rabaka who was murdered by Fiji Military personnel based at the Nadi Military Camp. 

He was picked in the middle of the night and taken to the military camp, tortured before being sent home where he died some time later. Hear his mother, a Fijian lady, speak movingly of the fate of her son. She even knew who killed her son as they were known to the companions of her son who were also taken to the camp.

All of Fiji look forward when those responsible will face their fate in the courts. As well for Fiji to return to democracy so Fiji can have the government they elect and deserve once again.

Also hear other accounts by Fiji women who were similarly taken to the Military Camp in Suva where degrading things were done to them.

Sadly these were Fijians mistreating other Fijians.

Among other wormen previously taken to the Camp included an aunty of mine who also received similar abuse and ill treatment.

You also see lackeys such as Pramesh Chand and the Illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Khaiyum, justifying the illegal regime and its policies. I say to them, of course they will as they are now in positions they would never be in under democratic and legal rule. They must, be dealt to on the return of democratic rule to Fiji.

Encouragingly, we also see courageous figures who suffered personally while speaking out against the illegal regime. We all salute Graham Leung, Shamima Ali and others like them for standing up to the illegal regime.

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