Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Courageous Provinces

Letter to Editor- 24 September 2007.
Fiji Times


Tailevu and Naitasiri provinces have shown real courage in the face of adversity in snubbing the Interim Regime's farcical review of the GCC. The two provinces have correctly defined the correct issue at stake in the whole exercise hence they were able to respond in the only way possible without losing any ounce of integrity and credibility like other provinces.

The questions to be considered are straight forward namely; Is the exercise within the law? If not, refrain from wasting valuable time and effort and wait until a democratic government is in place.

However if pressed, contributions could be directed only at those areas of the review that are within the current legal framework.

Tailevu and Naitasiri provinces should therefore be credited with having the foresight to have asked the correct questions, hence the logical quality in their respective responses.

I am bitterly dissapointed that my province of Cakaudrove did not heed the Tui Cakau's point in questioning the legality of the review. Otherwise Cakaudrove's response would have had some semblance of fortitude and foresight like Tailevu and Naitasiri.
To make it worse, what a provincial disgrace when Ratu Talemo Ratakele saw it fit to even question the Tui Cakau's stance.

For my part I rather have my Tui Cakau have the courage to question the legality of the Interim Regime than succumb to the illegality of its rule that Ratu Talemo, Colonel Naivalurua and others seem happy to condone.

Sai Lealea

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