Friday, August 17, 2007

Tax evasion is corruption

Tui Savu - Townsville, Auckland

Bainimarama’s efforts to evade calls for the sacking of his corrupt Interim Minister alleged to have evaded tax is so naïve making him look foolish. I have said before that if Bainimarama is fairdinkum on eradicating corruption in Fiji, then he must apply one rule for all without exception. Unfortunately, Bainimarama has failed over and over again and still doesn’t realise his actions speaks louder than his words.

He now says that he’ll not sack any Interim Minister based on allegations because it is unfair. Is he that naïve to make such a statement when you consider current FICAC investigations based on allegations against Fatiaki CJ, Frances Herman, Fijian Holdings, ACP Josaia Rasiga and many others? So what is different this time Bainimarama not to investigate your own Minister? It is about self-preservation. Bainimarama cannot sack the Minister because the Minister knows something about Bainimarama and other Interim Ministers as well, so Bainimarama needs to protect him from prosecution for their preservation.

Unfortunately, people previously held in high esteem that have compromised their reputations through their association with the coup perpetrators such as Jim Ah Koy and Filipe Bole now loudly and unashamedly advocate their preservation as well. The fact of the matter is Bainimarama is now on public record as condoning corruption himself by refusing to investigate his Minister on detailed allegations made Victor Lal and Taniela Tabu rebutting his clean up campaign.

What is of more concern is the probability that Bainimarama had no choice but to condone the corrupt practices of his Interim Minister, because he himself has now become corrupt. Now if this is so, then this coup had nothing to do with the ‘clean up campaign’, but ‘treason and perverting the course of justice’ in relation to the 5 CRW deaths, inciting mutiny, insubordination charges, etc and the political situation in Fiji will only worsen.

Everyone tainted with this coup will be held accountable one day for the part they played in this illegal regime and the great injustices inflicted upon the innocent citizens of Fiji. I recall one of Apisai Tora’s memorable comments concerning former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, which is so descriptive of Bainimarama when he said ‘Rabuka is consistent in his inconsistencies.’

Tui Savu,
Legal Counsel.


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