Wednesday, August 22, 2007

QVS victory

Sir, - Letter to Editor- 21 August 2007

I have nothing but admiration for the boys from Matavatucou on their victory in the Deans Trophy rubgy final.
It certainly befits their centennial year for the school to achieve such wonderful success at Laucala on Saturday. The school deserves it and for Fiji it again showed how Fijian pride emanates from a common focus and dedication in a cause.
As I listened in on Bula FM on the internet, I could feel the intensity of the Under-19 Deans final.
While I was keenly cheering for the boys from Delainakaikai, somehow I was equally satisfied in realising that a Tailevu team was guaranteed to win.

At times, the destination is not always as important as the journey when you are comfortable with the dedication shown for the cause, especially when such dedication and pride can be levered off to secure broader achievement goals.

As the two schools battled it out on Saturday in a competitive but clean spirit, one wonders about their prospects in an environment where the Fijian middle class has been gutted by the actions of the interim Government.

As each of the teams go back to focus on academic work, in front of them will be an uncertain future, where educated and well qualified Fijians have been pushed out of their jobs and investigated for unsubstantiated allegations of corruption.

For members of the interim administration, therein lies their challenge. To work towards restoring democratic government so that Fiji can be salvaged from the abyss thanks to a misguided military.
Otherwise, they will be party to, and credited with, the purging of Fijian pride in their own soil.
Sai Lelea

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