Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Majority Party Unfairly Sidelined

Include us, Qarase's party urges regime
Tuesday August 14, 2007

The former ruling Soqosoqo Duavata Lewenivanua says the interim regime should include them in decision making to allow for a peaceful solution in moving the country forward.

SDL national director Peceli Kinivuwai told that as the representative of the majority, the party should be involved in any decision making.

"You cannot get a peaceful solution if you exclude the majority," he said.

Kinivuwai said SDL is the largest political party representing 84 per cent of the indigenous population and as such should be given the recognition it deserves.

He said the party was not invited to contribute to a people's charter to be drawn up by the interim Government.

"Only ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase was given the invitation as an individual," he said.

Kinivuwai adds that the party has increased its support since the December 5 military takeover.

In a statement, Kinivuwai said that people of Fiji have witnessed the gross manipulation of the machinery of government," he said.

"It has also seen the militarisation of key government positions.

"Moreover the interim Government has not found any concrete evidence to justify its cause and allegations that the SDL government was corrupt.

"The country has also seen the trampling of institutions like the GCC, NLTB, FDB, FHL all under the guise of trying to wipe out corruption.

"We have also seen the gross termination and appointment of people to various key positions."

Kinivuwai said that the SDL has a civil court case to be heard on October 2, which should spell out whether the December 5 event was legal.

"We must now put an end to all personal vendettas, malicious and baseless allegations, character assassinations and dishonest consultations," he said.

Kinivuwai stressed that the only way the country can be brought back to normalcy is for elections to be held as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase is expected in Suva at the end of month to prepare for the court case.

Kinivuwai says Qarase will also be on Viti Levu to see his grandchildren whom he hasn't seen for the past 8 months after being exiled to his village in Lau in December last year.

He said the party management has been informed of this decision and is now making arrangements to welcome their party leader.

He also said that Qarase's conduct in the capital will be restricted.

"He is not allowed to meet or conduct meetings with party supporters that may be seen as a threat to national stability."

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