Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fijian Pride

Deans final - Letter to Editor, 17 August 2007

AS the RKS Under-19 and three other teams prepare to lift all the trophies on offer on Saturday, at stake is something more powerful that the interim Government should take note of.

Fijian pride will be on display in a theatre of operation whose landscape has been carved with values such as respect for your fellow human beings, humility and selflessness.

These are intrinsic virtues upon which Fijian ethos, culture and practice over thousands of years have been based. The values were drummed into me as a proud former student of Delainakaikai and which will stay with me forever.

Regrettably, the actions of the interim Government toward Fijians and their institutions are contrary to those values and against its practice. They have belittled the position of chiefs, disbanded and disrespected the GCC and fanned inter-Fijian hatred through the actions of soldiers.

If any of the interim ministers intend to watch the games on Saturday, perhaps they may care to reflect on their policies and the impact in degrading Fijian pride.

In doing so, they may wonder what difference it would make to running the government if based on Fijian pride. That pride will cause me to celebrate a complete RKS victory on Saturday. And as the Under-19 team hoists the Deans Trophy, I will be happy to say to our neighbours at Matavatucou: Moce Mele".

Sai Lelea

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