Monday, August 27, 2007

Chief throws away charter

26 August 2007
Namosi paramount chief, Turaga na Tui Namosi Ratu Suliano Matanitobua has thrown away the people’s charter. The paramount chief said he was very disappointed with the release by the Roko Tui Namosi; Joeli Besetimoala where he said the province supported the people’s charter. “As paramount chief of Namosi I disregard the Roko Tui’s release on the support by my province to the proposed National Council for Building a Better Fiji for all through a Peoples Charter for Change and Progress,” the paramount chief said.

He said he wanted the charter to be taken back to the district and the village level where the people truly understood its meaning. “I want the people to fully understand everything in the charter before it comes back to the council meeting.”

Ratu Suliano said he was the only one who could speak for the province and he questioned the authority that gave an officer to speak on behalf of the province. “I am back in the country and no one else is to speak for my province.” The Namosi paramount chief also called on the Ministry of Fijian Affairs to change the Roko Tui Namosi and said that he must be notified of any change to the officers of the Namosi Provincial Council.

Ratu Suliano said when people from other parts of Fiji made statement on the province sometimes it would create some disagreement amongst the people and it would take a lot of work to solve it. The Tui Namosi said the Roko Tui Namosi did not bother to contact him about the release and this was what he called disobedience.

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