Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Are Woth Teleni? - 10-Jul-2007


CAPTAIN Teleni’s appointment as Police Commissioner is a disgrace when you consider, he not only broke the law but also under false pretence, forcibly removed ammunition from the wharf without proper authorisation after threatening Police Officers placed on guard duty.Teleni has now removed several senior officers who attained their positions on merit and talks about restructuring the police force.Before departing FICAC, he vowed to eradicate corruption as mandated by President Iloilo.However, as Police Commissioner the duties and functions of the police are contained in Section 5 of the Police Act [Cap 85], which he needs to understand in order to implement.Only time will tell if Teleni is acting as Bainimarama’s vanguard or he faithfully carries out his duties as Police Commissioner.The irony for Teleni in trying to totally eradicate corruption, as he and Bainimarama are so dogmatic about, is that for this noble objective to be achieved, there must be only one set of rules applied to all with no exception.Professors Ron Duncan and Brij Lal both agree that it will be difficult to eradicate corruption in Fiji as long as there is inconsistency.Nasir Ali’s double standard in not being able to investigate the military because it’s suicidal undermines the very premise he seeks to rely upon.APC Tikotikoca also made the same mistake when suspending all investigations against Bainimarama because it was a threat to national security.Teleni now faces the same test because as Police Commissioner he is solely responsible for his actions and will be judged by the Police Act [Cap 85].What actions will Teleni take in the much delayed Nimilote Verebasaga, Sakiusa Rabaka and Tevita Malasebe murder investigations?As Police Commissioner he has no alternative but to investigate the murders, handover the files to DPP and charge persons ASAP as directed by the same.If Teleni is unable to because of a conflict in interest or personal reasons, then he should resign forthwith.However, if Teleni continues in office, then he will be deemed guilty of official corruption himself by accepting a Constitutional Office, with no intention of fulfilling its functions pursuant to Section 5 of the Police Act [Cap 85].Will Nasir Ali investigate Teleni’s deemed official corruption or whether he will justify his failure as suicidal as well?The answer will lie with Teleni himself, as to how he values his reputation.As of now, his reputation as former Captain of the Fiji National 15s team and other accolades are in tatters, but this is no comparison as to how history will judge him as Police Commissioner, as it applies the same rule to him, that he applies to others, in seeking to eradicate corruption.History will reveal whether Teleni usurped the constitutional office of Commissioner of Police to protect Bainimarama, himself and all those implicated in the coup or whether he obtained it on merit and faithfully discharged his duties pursuant to the Police Act [Cap 85]?I am reminded of the wise counsel of my grandfather, the late Roko Sau of Totoya, to always question my motive when trying to achieve something with a caution from one Petueli of Sawana who said: “rogo kei na dokai, kua ni guta mai dei ko na leqa kina”.
Tui Savu,

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