Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nepotism & Discredited Law Officers in Fiji

Letter to Fiji Times Editor - July, 2007.
Fiji's two top law officers, the verbally unrestrained Interim Attorney General, and the gossipy Acting Chief Justice, are now permanently discredited in the eyes of their peers and Fiji citizens. If they have any ounce of decency or integrity left, they should resign forthwith.
The Interim AG's obsession to launch forth with any legal justification for the illegal regime he is part of is damaging any attempt at quiet diplomacy to mend relations with key allies such as New Zealand and Australia. Every time he opens his mouth, his shallowness and lack of forethought in what he is uttering is nakedly obvious to all. He would be best employed barking platitudes from the sideline so other reasonable figures could focus on getting Fiji out of the doldrum it is currently in.
Justice Gates' bias in relation to the Qaranivalu case is now a constant handicap to his reputation and integrity as a judge. The damage has been inflictedand despite any attempt on his part to seek justification for it, the public's perception is now permanently tainted with that passing comment he made in relation to the Qaranivalu's case.
In any public service role, once your integrity is tarnished in the manner inflicted on these two State law officers, the only decent option left is to step down. Then again, to even consider such an option would be a reflection of integrity on their part. In such an instance, decision making tends to come down to the maintenance of self interest on one hand and preservation of pride on the other. This is the so called "digging your own grave scenario". It should be obvious that neither option would be acceptable to any law abiding citizen of Fiji but they tend to be that chosen by those cornered by their own illegitimate actions.
Sai Lealea
Letter to Fiji Times editor - June 2007
It is now nakedly obvious as the illegality of theInterim Regime in Fiji begins to be exposed, they aredesperate to feather their own nests before they arethrown out when democratic rule is deservedlyrestored.
The militarisation of the public service by military personnell is a disgrace to Fiji and those career public servants with training and qualifications who have served Fiji with dedication and commitment. Two glaring examples come to mind in Naupoto and Driti, both of whom do not deserve the label of public servants by the simple fact of their irregular appointment in the case of Naupoto, and even worse in Driti's impending case, being a thug and violator of the human rights and dignity of Fiji citizens by his actions and in condoning such treatment when people were taken to the army camp.
With Rishi Ram in charge of the PSC, all we hear is a pathetic rhetoric of trying to instill values which by his acceptance of his illegal appointment, he is in fact trampling it to the gutter. Even worse when Parmesh Chand lectures on the virtue and value of public service to media liaison officers when his appointment and constant foray into political commentary passes as hypocrisy of the highest order.With recent Appeals Court court ruling, the truth is slowly but surely unfolding.
Normalcy in Fiji would be welcome by all except those who have stolen and denigrated the name and spirit of Fiji by the overthrow of a democratic government. They do know who they are and bye and bye they will meet face to face with their deserved punishment. Just this time, they will not have guns to brandish around in a manner only cowards excel in.
Sai Lealea

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