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July 4th, 2007 by whyfijiscrying

Just ignore Ali people … stick to the issues. Ali Thrives on being noticed, so if we all ignore her, she will go to another blogsite and try to sell her kutu contributions there.

If I know Ului, he will be stewing inside if this story is true and he will be thinking of ways to take his revenge although because he is impatient, this may be his downfall through life. As for Dirty Driti (BTW, if you google driti, it says “do you mean “dirty” haha), he is obsessed with image, so watch him to go down looking in the mirror. Those of you that have not emailed or written to the Malaysian High Commission voicing your objections to Driti going there as Fiji’s rep (I mean who the hell is he going as our representative - he does not have the people’s mandate ! He will be earnnig the $ for his retirement is all he will be doing !), please do so at the following address :

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia
Level 29, Menara Tun Razak,
Jalan Raja Laut,
50350 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-26125600
Fax: 603-26125620

The more of us that write the more pressure the Human Rights Group in Malaysia and in the world will place on the Malaysian Govt not to accept Dirty as Fiji Rep there. Also As for the illegal govt saying they received 20 or so applications for the Job that Dirty has been GIVEN ! Lasulasu ! Epeli Nailatikau himself is quoted as saying his was the only name - read it here :


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