Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fijian Pain

Letter to Fiji Times - 01 June 2007.
Everyone knows that Fiji's only hope of digging itselfout of the deep hole of misery and hatred it is currently in is a regime change and immediate restoration of democratic government.
To think of anything else and prolonging the life ofthe illegal regime is simplly delaying the inevitable.And when that comes, be it forced on those currently in power, it will be no different to countries that now are in a chaotic and ungovernable state.
For Fijians, the intimidation by their own military,coupled by the tacit endorsement of those in government, in particular chiefs, together with the interference with the courts, is resulting in a very potent and toxic cocktail of pent up hatred among Fijians. As in chaotic and falied states, sooner or later this ill feeling will be vented.
It is bad enough that Fijians are now bold enough to rob one another. That they now feel hatred towardseach other resulting from the intimidation of theirown military, points to a new low in Fijian respectfor their fellow citizen. Even worse when you hear of chiefs in the regime taking part in acts of intimidation or turning a blind eye to those acts.
While you can fix the economy, mend government machinery and address public policy issues of the day, restoring a sense of humanity, pride and decency towards one another as human beings will take generations. These are concerns of values which in turn are bound up in our culture and traditional practices as people. When these are rubbished and bastardised in references uttered by Frank Bainimarama and others, retrieving the position for the purpose of ensuring smooth government would be a hopeless undertaking.
Sai Lealea

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