Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chand as Fiji PM?

Letter to Fiji Times Editor - 6 June 2007


From afar it would be easy to be mistaken in thinking
that it is the Interim PM's Permanent Secretary,
Parmesh Chand, that appears to be running the country
than the Interim PM himself. Chand seems to be
fronting for his boss in having a go at other
countries', (mainly NZ and Australia) leaders and
their stance against Fiji.

In doing so, he is clearly casting himself in the mode
of a politician and not a public servant. One wonders
if Chand's new found powers as the PM's top advisor
has got to his head.

I remind him he is a public servant and his irregular
appointment was at the behest of an illegal regime
without any popular mandate. He would therefore do
well to desist from engaging in political dialogue by
countering other politicians' stance on Fiji. That is
why he has a self appointed, be it illegal, political

On return of true democracy to Fiji it is public
servants like Chand who should be reviewing their
position and the manner of their unscheduled elevation
in rank and status as to whether or not they, like his
boss, should do the honourable and decent thing and

But as history has shown, power and its
exercise, does unusual and often unethical things, to
even the placid of peoples. For that only time will
tell and it is certainly tolling on Chand and the
interim regime in Fiji.

Sai Lealea

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