Monday, May 14, 2007

Roko Ului Threatens Innocent Woman



Here is yet more reason for us to prepare ourselves to forget about the EU's $350 million!Losena Tubanavau Salabula (LTS), deposed Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office, was taken to the Army Barracks on 8th May 2007 between 9:20 – 10:00 am.

LTS asked the Army Officer if someone could accompany her from the SDL Office.

Mrs Marica Karikaritu (MK), the Secretary of the Women’s Wing was allowed this role.Marica was not allowed to be present when the Tevita Mara, Commanding Officer 3, Fiji Infantry Regiment (CO3FIR) was dressing down LTS.

One other officer was in the room when LTS was ordered to say nothing but to listen to CO3FIR and relate the message to Ro Temumu Kepa and Deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

The following were to be related:

1. The SDL Party will never come back to power after what has happened.

2. We (the Army) do not worry about the EU $350Million. We want to clean-up.

3. Tell Qarase to stop talking from Mavana (his village in Vanuabalavu, Lau).

4. Ro Temumu Kepa not to say too much.

5. We (the Army) are lenient to you (deposed Parliamentarians of SDL) now. We can take you and throw you all into Naboro Prison.

6. We (the Army) can come to your place any time even in the middle of the night and bring you out of your house, if we wish to.

7. About the Province of Lau, you (LTS) should not try to disturb the Church service we (the Army) are trying to organize.

8. On the Mara Family matter, there is a lot of speculation and the CO3FIR, accused LTS of causing this.

9. LTS must be aware that the Army is fully informed of what is going on in the SDL Office.

10. I, the CO3FIR will not want to see or speak to you again because next time it will be a different story.

11. The Court Case that your SDL is pursuing is a waste of time.

The CO3FIR was speaking in Fijian and the items are not in the exact order they were related to LTS.

The Army Officers (driver and ADC) were ordered to take LTS & MK in the CO3FIR’s vehicle and drop them off in town where the two wanted to go.

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