Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Military Assault Case

Ravula: 16 assault cases

www.fijitimes.com - Monday, May 28, 2007

POLICE have confirmed receiving 16 alleged assault cases on civilians by the military and are continuing with their investigations.

Police spokesperson Assistant Superintendent Ulaiasi Ravula said the cases would be handled like any other normal assault cases.

"In many cases there are allegations. We have to see medical reports of people who complain of alleged assault cases to determine how serious they are," he said.

Since the December 5 military takeover former parliamentarians and members of the public have been taken to the camp for questioning, with some claiming they were assaulted for speaking against the military.

In earlier reports, acting Police Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca said they would consult with the military in the course of investigations concerning the cases.

"We have had consultations in the past with the military and we will continue," Mr Tikotikoca said.

He confirmed receiving former parliamentarian Ted Young's complaint about an alleged assault by a senior military officer last week.

Mr Young was taken up to the army camp on Monday morning for anti-military comments he made in one of the local daily newspapers.

He claimed upon arrival at the barracks he was punched several times by a senior officer.

He said he was later interrogated by Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho for about 90 minutes.

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