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Military Rule in Fiji - Winners & Losers

This is a post variously sourced and has been doing the rounds recently about the sad state of affairs in the current illegal regime in Fiji. Read and make up your own mind.

Rumour or Facts?

You be the judge of this variously sourced news about the corruption in the illegal Military regime in Fiji. Read and spread it around so people, especially rank and file soldiers, know the dark depth of evil Voreqe and his cronies are plunging Fiji into. As appropriately coined by a church minister in Fiji, Voreqe is the “incarnation of evil” and no doubt Fiji is reaping the result of that with recent and ongoing deaths and murders perpetrated by the military and the natural disasters with flooding, fires etc.. etc.. Below are just some of the commonly known corruptive practices and acts that should come under the Clean Up Campaign currently underway. But we know it will never come under it as the offenders happen to be in power for the time being!! Sooner they disappear from the face of this earth, the better for Fiji, we all say.

The Rental Cars & the Drug Store

· Do you know that the rental car company providing all vehicles to the military since the December 5th coup is indeed co-owned by Roko Ului and Niranjans.

· You see, all medical prescriptions for the military personnel, and soon the civil servants, can only be collected at the Waimanu Road Pharmacy near the maternity ward. Why? The pharmacy is owned by Roko Ului and his pharmacist wife with the financial backing of their rental car company partner.

Bloggers & Mara Children Isolated

· The military intelligence is on high alert after Voreqe took a glimpse of blogers. Sources from within (some of whom are with him right now) say he's completely pissed off with his intelligence unit's failure to track the anti-coup bloggers. But the problem is that the darn dumb Voreqe doesn't even know how to log into a computer, so says his men.

· A travel ban was slapped on the Mara clan, their spouses and their siblings not to enter the chiefly village of Lomanikoro, Rewa. This followed a major falling out and exchange of heated words between the Maras and their high chief Aunt. Their Aunt is believed to have disowned her nieces and nephews when they sided with Voreqe's coup clux clan.

Cabinet Members Not Happy with Voreqe

· Ever wondered why Mahen the man and his side-kick Vayeshnoi are keeping very quiet after the Vanuatu Foreign Ministers forum? They are angry with themselves for falling head first and pants down into Voreqe's deceitful trap.

· Voreqe pulled a quick one on his Cabinet crackers members when he promised them they will be Ministers for at least ten years. And to add more salt to injury, he recruited his Cabinet crackers with the pre-condition that they must not stand for the next election. Now, the Cabinet crackers know that election is just around the corner because the people, like Ba province, want it and the international community demands it. Otherwise, aid money from all sources will not be forthcoming.

· But how could a man like Mahen be so blinded by Voreqe's bluff? Some of his people who said, "the guy is simply a political prostitute. He will sleep with anyone he thinks will give him a quickie political climax while his side-kick watch excitedly from the side-line." And quite frankly, other members of the Cabinet crackers are also known to be heaving with anger now with the knowledge that they've all been conned by Voreqe. Talk about the dumb leading the blind!!!

Voreqe’s Ailing Heart & Cold Sweats

· Sources say Voreqe’s medical check-up is well overdue. But help is on the way, thanks to medics from India organised during Ratu Epeli Nailatikau's recent visit there. We know for a fact that the guy is so scared for his life and is collapsing from too much pressure on the heart. One of our sources from the strategic headquarters told us that his condition is "classified" with the un-said rule that nothing must ever be revealed about his trotting-n-stopping heart. Other sources close to Voreqe revealed that the guy also has a "classified" habit of hiding under his bed in a pool of cold sweat as he is suspicious of everyone.

· Voreqe is even telling his own bodyguards that he suspects one of them will dob him in. And to put more pressure on his worried leaking heart, he is scared to death of Driti and Roko Ului. Remember the free for all brawl between Voreqe and Driti? Well, Driti and Roko Ului know very well their green comrades are getting restless by the day. They expect more from them other than to continue wagging their salivating tongue after the "whities". They know their days are numbered. They know the greenies are mobilising themselves around them. If they don't act now, they have no choice but to apply the common brave soldier's exit strategy.

· The same unsung song is humming in his spokesman's (Neumi Band Boy Leweni) inner ear. He too can hear the rumblings of his green comrades which is why he is stationing himself strategically amongst civilians to make a quick dash when hell breaks loose.

President And the First Lady

· Meanwhile, medical experts say that the President "classified" health report will automatically disqualify him from the Nasese White House. But wait a minute, he's clutching on to the position for his medical benefits and other perks all paid for by you and us and we are also told that the First Lady is not ready to move to the village any time soon.

· Contacts at the White House tell us that the President's top advisor is none other than the First Lady herself. So much so that she ordered the President to tell Voreqe and Attorney General to drop her relative's case (ex- VP Seniloli). Wasn't Seniloli's case and others one of the main reasons used by Frank to justify the coup folks?

· Also know that First Lady had telephoned former Finance Minister Ratu Kubuabola, (a relative) in lead up to coup to prevail on Qarase to step down and that he would be made PM by husband. Ratu Kubuabola firmly declined despite two attempts by First Lady. Alas “frailty thy name is woman” says Shakespeare!!

Cash Payment Only for Ratu Epeli Please

· Word has it that a cabinet member, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, has bankers and creditors breathing down his neck for unpaid debt. He and his wife Adi Ateca Mara are deeply in the red that they had no choice but to seek immediate intervention from their protege, Voreqe. And what did Voreqe do? He turned their dark red financial status into a bloody one with a coup that has seen two civilians dead and many more wounded from arbitrary torture and detention.

· Remember Voreqe gave an army quarter to Ratu Epeli to stay after the sale of Ratu Penaia’s (his father) house in Tamavua to pay debts.

· Voreqe has even gone a step further in helping the couple who appointed him as FMF head by approving a special salary payment mode for Ratu Epeli. How? By organising with the real Prime Minister eh Minister Finance, Mahen the man, to always pay Ratu Epeli's salary cash in the hand. Why? Because the banks will take any money that goes into Ratu Epeli and Adi Ateca's accounts. How is that for transparency and clean-up corruption campaign?

· A reliable source also said that the house they live in and some other properties they own was suppose to go on mortgagee sale but now, Westpac is holding on because he is threatening them from his Ministerial seat.

· Sadly for Ratu Epeli word is that he also owes half-a-mil to Credit Corp, and qtr-of-a-mil to the FDB. And that's not forgetting the tens of thousands he plundered gratis from the Regimental Fund to send his wife, Adi Ateca of expensive jaunts around the world. Voreqe has also allegedly dipped into the Regiment Fund for his wife's car

Media Executive Detained

· CEO of Fiji TV One, Mr Mesake Nawari, and Editor of Fiji Sun newspaper, Mr Leone, are the latest media executives to be hauled to the FMF camp for interrogation. Sources say both were put behind bars before being interrogated. Our contacts from within say that Voreqe Leweni and Driti were not happy with Fiji One's "very very short" coverage of Frank's plea to the civil servants not to go on strike. Voreqe “you don’t pay for the air time on national TV news and we are sick and tired of seeing you on TV with your lies. Please first attend a crash course in English language as your command of English and pronunciation is a disgrace to all Fiji Islanders”.

· Their excuse for Leone's cell lock up (next to Kenneth Zinck) was because of Fiji Sun's Whispers gossip column saying something along the line of a top interim military official ordering some nightclub bouncers to watch over his car, yes, a four wheel drive belonging to the State (paid for by Fiji citizens), while he boogy woogy and flirt with the ladies in the club

Suva Fire that Killed the Hefernan Family

· Rumour doing the rounds in Fiji is that Military may have a hand in the fire that killed 4 people in Nabua, Suva. This is due to the fact that: Major Hefernan was twice taken to the camp and that he and his wife are related to two anti coup critics. Major Hefernan is Angie Hefernan’s uncle and the wife, Mere Vulakoro, is Laisa Vulakoro’s cousin.

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