Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Mahen Getting hi Wish Come True for Fijians

Word from our Brussels agents is that Mahen Chaudhry is very happy with the development at home.

Not the "renovation" development at his Suva Point home, but home as in the Fiji Islands where the indigenous Fijians are on the verge of clubbing each other with frustration over the suspension of their Fijian government system, the Great Council of Chiefs and the post 5/12 coup events that is turning our to be "anti-indigenous Fijian".

Mahen is elated that his plan is working out the way he had explained it to coup coup Frank i.e to cause a big wedge amongst the indigenous Fijians by usurping their democratically elected government (secondary government) and now the simultaneous knocking down of their indigenous Fijian identity government (primary government) in the GCC.

And while all the drama is being played out at home, the king pin is far away doing his usual business of finding money from the EU donors who can finance his political power base and voters, the sugar cane industry people.

Our Brussels agents say he is giving all the exaggerated horror stories of the latest GCC and Frankenstein's falling out as the basis of his argument for the release of the $350million euros by EU. He even introduced Epeli Nailatikau as a "victim" of human rights violation by the GCC and quoted the word "discrimination".

"The native Fijians are fighting and a civil war is breaking out. From experience, I know it is the sugar cane farmers and indo-Fijians whom they will attack first by burning their plantation and shops like they did in 2000," he was quoted as saying to some officials.

"This money will definitely help most farmers to restart and rehabilitate their lives by using it to buy their own piece of land for some other agro farming businesses," he added.

The sources also said Chaudhry was constantly calling his son, Rajesh Chaudhry's mobile number for updates on what's up back home.

He also made phone calls to Frankenstein saying that "things don't look good" and "prepare for the "worst case scenario". He reminded coup coup Frank to hold back the ailing Pressie from his Auzy medical trip until they return as planned at the end of this week.

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