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RFC Movement is about "telling it as it is" to Frank's Coup Clux Clan and their supporters. As such, RFC think it is right that "freedom of speech" be upheld. RFC have once again relied on its Fijian network to verify the following which they have.

And the blogger, Ms Ana Kilanavanua (blog name) writes .....

A small history lesson if you will;Mara's mother Lusiana Qolikoro was of Tongan/Scotch descent.

Lusiana and her sister Laisa Kaukiono, were both concubines, neither of them were actually married to the men who gave them their children of chiefly rank.

Lusiana was one of nine concubines of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba, who also had three wives. He was of course the true Tui Nayau.

Being a Chief he was surrounded by many lovely women, and Lusiana Qolikoro was one of them, in fact she use to be one of the women who would dance and perform for the Tui Nayau.

One day Mr. Boron, arrived in Lakeba, and Ratu Uluilakeba, being the gracious host that he was prepared a feast and dancing for his "honored" guest.

When Mr. Boron saw Lusiana dancing, he was awestruck by her beauty and asked the chief's aid if he would arrange for a meeting with her.

The chief's aid told Mr. Boron that she was off limits as she was a concubine for the Chief.

Of course Mr. Boron being an arrogant man, didn't like being deprived of what he wanted and so arranged for them to meet in private regardless.
As a result of that meeting, Lusiana found herself pregnant. Initially Ratu Uluilakeba, was going to give her the boot, but having that Fijian heart he felt sorry for her and raised the kid, Kamisese Mara, as his own.
The elders of Lau will tell you this story is true, and many of them directly from Lakeba can remember Ratu Uluilakeba stating the fact, on many occasions, that Mara was not his son and that in fact he was Boron's son. Incidentally Lusiana's sister Laisa Kaukiono, had an illegitamate child with Ratu Edward Cakobau, the result Ratu Villiame Dreunimisimisi.

Frankly I'm sick of the grandchildren of both concubines walking around Fiji as though we're supposed to kiss their arses. Give me a break.

Finally the Truth is coming about.So how, you may wonder did Mara claim the title and why?

Enter Sukuna, he was peeved because his brother was given a title and he wasn't, so he decided everybody should pay for his rejection.

Wake up people there was major fraud played on you. We've been lead to believe that he was such a great statesman,in fact the opposite is true.

He conspired to have the whole Fijian social structure changed, no longer did Fijians own their land or traditional fishing grounds.

Their clans were changed, their Titles were changed, even the official records of genealogy were changed, so that certain elite families ie. Mara's, Ganialu's, Cakobau's, Nailatikau's would intermarry, interbreed and stay in power.

If they leave office, and if their power is taken away, then the truth will come out.

It's already begun, what do you think the Qoliqoli bill was all about.

It was to be the birth pangs of the New Fiji. Or should I say the "old" Fiji unburried.

Qarase was returning to the Fijian people what was rightfully theirs and those members of the current and past regimes new it.

If the true titles are returned to their rightful owner and the traditional lands and clans returned to what they have always been since the first landing, then where does that leave the usurpers of the day?---- in the toilet that's where.

Proof of this can be seen in a 1996 court case where Justice Fatiaki returned the position of Buli Raviravi in Bua to the true owner of the titles after it was proved that the Buli raviravi that was imposed by Ratu Sukuna was of Tongan Descent.

Could this be another reason why Chief Justice Fatiaki was given the boot by Frank, you better believe it. See, CJ Fatiaki knows the truth and he would have played an integral part in exposing it.

This is one of the motives for this coup, this joke of a coup.

The problem for todays Usurpers is that we're all educated now, no more keeping down the natives and treating them as though they were trash.

There are probably more people reading these blogs that have higher levels of education then the current regime, so that old style of colonial times is exactly that--old.

If Frank and the rest of his cronies really wanted to do what was best for the people of Fiji he might take the advise of Dr. Cornell West of Princeton University: "TO LEAD YOUR PEOPLE YOU MUST LOVE THEM, TO SAVE YOUR PEOPLE YOU MUST SERVE THEM".

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