Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Expose Coup Supporters in Fiji and Elsewhere


From the day we posted our RFC Movement invitation for members of our blogging community to come forward and submit names of those they can confirm are followers of this illegal regime, our blog site and email resistfrankscoup@gmail.com has been inundated and continue to be flooded with bloggers response.

RFC Movement wish to thank all our supporters for embracing this peaceful resistance methodology in our efforts to adopt proactive ways of assisting the international community in identifying the rotten coup cultured elements of our beloved Fiji.

All names received are verified by our team and passed on to relevant people for distribution to the international community for their smart bans like revoking of their Permanent Residency status, overseas travel bans, withdrawal of overseas country funded scholarships, flagging of their overseas businesses or personal activities, just to name a few.

Your RFC servants will continue capturing details you send in and thanks once again bloggers.

In Solidarity!

RFC Movement

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