Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Death of Selesitino at Fiji Military Hand


A blogger's revelation on the forgotten ones writes......

Did you all FORGET..the Real guys that stood Up!! My Friends the CRWs!

They did what they did to prevent this situation from Happening...but they were stopped before the plan could be fully Excuted.

Fiji would of been on a different path today. But,due to some luimuri..they did not get the back up that they were waiting for..and now they are sitting inside Korovou Forgotten! Laughing I'm sure.And yes..they were Tortued big time and we all know, who's the PRO at this.

I will give you all, an insight on how they killed the late "SELESTINO" (may he rest in peace).


Everyone knows the last time he was seen when he was leaving the police station.

They took him up to the Nabua Barracks and stripped him Naked..handcuffed him, stood him up against the cell wall with the metal neck cuff around his neck that was bolted to the wall.

With it came the spitting on him ,swearing and etc...then they picked up there guns, turned it around so as to use there butts on him.

They started on his ribs and everything below each having turns. Some of them stood at a short distance and ran towards him butting at his head. Many people heard the loud cries at the barracks, that was the voice of Selestino.

They repeatedly did this over and over until his head was spilt open with brains all over the cell and then they hosed it down the drain.

They then bandaged him up and took him to the Morgue. And these are the true facts of how he died.

If your wondering how I came about this information, It came out of one of the mouths of the participants. He was drunk and I questioned him in regards to this.

We had a heated argument over this. At one point I had looked around and realized the rest of his company was in on this.

That is where I had to end my questioning. And had to act really drunk so as to disguise the fact that I had retained any of the information they had just been revealed to me.

Initially I did not want to come forward with this information as I was afraid of what might happen to me and my family.

Now that I have been over seas for a couple of years, I was emailed an article about how Selestino's family was still looking for answers.

And then of course this coup happned. I've taken the opportunity to use this forum to reveal what I know in hopes that maybe a member of the Selestino family or friend, would pass along this info through coconut wireless network.

Today, these same people are continuing the torture.

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