Friday, March 30, 2007

Army Officers Leave Sinking Ship

Senior officers leave army - 29 March, 2007

Four senior military lawyers have left the army after their contracts expired. Military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni said other than the lawyers other officers left for various reasons, which the military had accepted. He said some left to take up other job offers and would send a statement to give details and the reasons behind their leaving. One of the lawyers, Major Amani Bale, said he left because his three-year contract with the military had expired and this was the same with his colleagues. He said his contract expired on January 6 and he was working on some business and personal matters. “We are contracted officers and once our contract expires we move on to other jobs,” said Major Bale.
Another lawyer, Major Ana Rokomokoti, said she did not resign and is now based at the Attorney-General’s chambers. Of the 10 who have left, two senior officers - Lieutenant-Colonel Etueni Caucau and Captain Solomoni Raravula - were discharged by the military upon their request. The other officers are Major Davina Chang, Captain Joeli Pickering, Lt-Col Meli Saubulinayau, Captain Bernadette Ramafono, Lieutenant John Fong and Commander Bradley Bower of the navy. An inquiry was conducted into Lt-Col Saubulinayau for his alleged involvement in the offer to be appointed commander that was made by the President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo

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