Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where is the Military Evidence?

No one will be spared: military


Monday, February 12, 2007

The army has warned it will not spare anyone, including those with relatives in the military, if they are found guilty of incitement.

The warning follows comments by outsted Education Minister Ro Temumu Kepa that the military was suffering from the tall-poppy syndrome.

Ro Temumu also challenged the military to make public evidence of corruption it claims it has and which it used as the basis for its clean-up campaign.

A military officer said Ro Teimumus close family ties with a senior army officer would not stop them arresting the high chief of Rewa if her comments were deemed capable of inciting people.

Ro Temumu's nephew Ratu Tevita Mara is a senior officer and the son of her older sister, the late Adi Lady Lala Mara.

"I'll take anything, I can cope," she said.

"But I have to say, what the military did was wrong."

"From December 5 to February 5 there is no evidence of their so-called allegation of corruption. They're still sacking people left, right and centre from the Prime Minister to the Chief Justice, statutory board members to State chief executive officers, and still no evidence to support their clean-up campaign," Ro Temumu said

She said the military should be reminded they have no evidence of corruption to stand up in the court of law.

"People who earned their wealth through merit and sheer hard work were made to suffer at the hands of the present regime because of envy," the former minister said.

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