Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Step Down Dr Shameem - You're a Disgrace

Dr Shaista should step down: Digitaki - February 21, 2007

Update: 3.58pm FIJI Human Rights Commission director Dr Shaista Shameem has come under heavy criticism since 5 December.

In the latest attack, Laisa Digitaki, who claims to have been physically abused by the military said, Dr Shaista only represents a selected few and should step down.

She is doing a great disservice to Fiji and its people by being discriminatory in her actions and rhetoric, Ms Digitaki said.

Ms Digitaki said based on the many human rights abused citizens she had spoken to since the 5 December coup, many had aired their distrust and anger at Dr Shaista and the Fiji Human Rights Commission office.

"They view her and the office she heads as supporting and working with the perpetrators," Ms Digitaki said.

Why hasn't she said much about those who were subjected to degrading torture and other forms of physical and mental abuse?"

Dr Shaista was also criticised for being quiet on the case of 19-year old Sakiusa Rabaka and two others who were allegedly stripped, punched, kicked and beaten with a thick pine stick while running with a sack full of sand at the Black Rock Military Training ground in Nadi and again at the Namaka Military Base?

Ms Digitaki claims Rabaka had to undergo major head surgery last Friday at CWM Hospital after suffering from severe headaches and seizures.

She said Dr Shaista is turning the Fiji Human Rights Commission into a no trust zone for many ordinary citizens, leaving them with no other option but to either keep quiet about the abuse and accept the great injustice inflicted on them for fear of further intimidation by their perpetrators

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