Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fiji Military Corruption

Fiji Military Corruption - Are These Facts or Rumours?

For the good of Fiji and its people the interim PM should step down as proposed by the EPG Report. But we all know that he will not as he and others in his illegal regime know only too well what they're running away from.

The following are just some of those corrupt actions that deserve a "clean up" now reportedly underway.

1. The Military’s opposition to having an audit carried out on its regiment fund may reveal how $5million was misappropriated to:

· cover Voreqe's medical bills;

· to charter a plane to Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara's 90th birthday; and

· cover Adi Ateca Ganilau's trip to China

2. How the President's signature was forged in a letter putting a stop to the inquiry into the military?

3. How in the hearing of a senior officer, Chaudhry and Bune gave the ok to Voreqe for the coup and that they will legalise it afterwards.

4. Voreqe approving the use of army quarters to Ratu Epeli Ganilau following the auction of his residence and of former President, Ratu Sir Penaia’s house in Tamavua.

5. How Voreqe’s wife had been allocated a military vehicle for personal use.

As the saying goes; what goes around comes around, so sooner or later the perpetrators will get their just rewards if not already.

News in Fiji is that soldiers and their families have been busy with funerals. Latest one is for the officer in charge of the round up of the Nakelo man who later died in military custody.

Another soldier who reported his church minister to the military over his sermon which raised criticism of the coup, later sought forgiveness from the minister but later died. This was after the minister was taken to the camp and when ordered to do the run around, refused and dared the soldiers to shoot him if they want. When released, the minister prophesised that a mishap would befall whoever reported him to the military.

Also there appears to be friction and clashes at the Camp where Voreqe and Pita Driti reportedly traded blows which prompted Voreqe's guards to join in resulting in a trip to hospital by Pita Driti. The quarrel was over Voreqe declining to return to Camp and not be PM as apparently part of the original military plan.

Matters are certainly falling apart when it is conceived with deceit, greed and fraudulent motives.

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