Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fiji Holiday Not Working

Discount Fiji holidays not working: Clark - Tuesday February 27, 2007

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark says while attractive offers for tourists to travel to Fiji have increased visitor numbers, it has not done Fiji any good.

Speaking to an Auckland radio station, Clark said while a marketing campaign by Fiji’s tourism stakeholders "produced significant numbers of people going to Fiji, the deals were so discounted that there was not a lot of money to be made."

The Fiji Islands Visitors Bureau and the Tourism Action Group (TAG) have been vigorously marketing Fiji overseas to boost the industry that suffered with falling visitor arrivals after the December 5 coup.

There are reports of increased tourist arrivals from New Zealand and Australia where cut price holiday packages have been promoted in conjunction with a marketing campaign launched by TAG last month.

However, Clark said while offers may have been attractive to Fiji following last year's coup, they "are not working."

She said there are further problems facing Fiji with the European Union "poised to cut aid."

The Fiji Islands Hotels Association president Dixon Seeto said yesterday that it will take a while for Fiji’s tourism industry to bounce back to its feet.

He said the reality is "the industry in Fiji is struggling to move forward and that is a fact."

However, Seeto commended the efforts of TAG and said stakeholders are working towards rebuilding the industry.

He said the association and all tourism industry stakeholders were committed in tackling the problem from all fronts.

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