Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Applying for Interim Cabinet

Interim Cabinet - Tui Savu, Townsville, Australia

Letter to Fiji Times Editor - 13 Feb 2007.

The Interim Cabinet has now been in office for over a month and already major decisions have been implemented with far reaching implications with social, human and economic costs of which its full effect has yet to be determined.

I am however very interested in finding out which Interim Ministers did apply for their positions and who were invited.

It may seem trivial to some but to promulgate an effective clean-up campaign, transparency and accountability must first begin with those in leadership before the mass can be expected to follow.

The army commander had often said publicly that all positions would be advertised and all aspirants needed to apply.

This was meant to safeguard and reduce any allegation or claim of nepotism or bias in Cabinet's composition.

What I find puzzling though is that certain interim ministers after accepting their appointments seem surprised. It implied that they were invited which they weren't expecting. I specifically refer to Poseci Bune, Mahendra Chaudhry, Jone Navakamoce, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, Netani Sukan-aivalu and Lekh Ram Veyeshnoi.

Would the Minister of Information disclose to the nation, which of the Ministers applied for their positions and who were invited to serve in Cabinet?

If the truth will not be divulged because the majority of Cabinet were invited and justifying it on confidentiality grounds, then the Interim Cabinet, although it may be legally correct is however still guilty of moral corruption, which is the very thing they are seeking to eradicate.

I would then have very serious misgivings about the concept and motive behind the whole Clean Up Campaign' and needless to say, its future looks very bleak indeed.

The military have just completed a month of fasting and I exhort them to implement the Fijian saying: Me tekivu mada e liu e Jerusalemi'.

Tui Savu

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