Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Man Behind Fiji Military Brutality

Those Making Inciteful Comments Will Be Detained-Driti -
Jan 30, 2007, 12:00

Colonel Pita Driti
A senior military officer has stressed that the RFMF will only take people in for questioning at QEB if they have made comments that may incite trouble and violence.

Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti reiterates that the military maintains its stand that Fiji should go through a peaceful transition.

Colonel Driti says the military will only take people in if the RFMF feels that they made serious comments that could disturb the peace in the country.

However, the Land Force Commander says majority of the people in the country have taken the RFMF's advise on board to ensure that there is no incitement and instability.

Army to continue hunt for activists - - Saturday January 27, 2007

Land Force Commander Col Pita Driti

The Fiji Military Forces will continue its hunt for two pro-democracy activists despite reports that one of them is under United Nations protection. FMF Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti said the UN cannot protect vocal businesswoman Laisa Digitaki for too long. Digitaki said she had sought the assistance of the office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva after the army said it was looking for her. It’s understood Digitaki is wanted for a posting of her statement on a website this week.

Digitaki had made a statement alleging brutality while she was detained by soldiers at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks with other pro-democracy activists late last month. Pacific Centre for Public Integrity executive Angie Heffernan is also in hiding from the army for her statements which the army said were inciteful.

"It won’t have any effect on us because we are still going to arrest them and it’s up to them whether they like it or not," Col Driti said. He said Digitaki is using the United Nations as an excuse to avoid being questioned by the military. "Anyway if they feel comfortable evading the military, they are free to do so because at this point in time they are not important." "If we wanted them arrested we would have done that a long ago but we are taking things slowly." "They can run but they cannot hide because wherever they are we will flush them out." He said the two are making themselves feel like martyrs which they are not. "If they think they are doing this for a good cause than they are wrong because as far as the military is concerned everything is fine," Col Driti said.

He said Digitaki and Heffernan had been warned previously about making statements against the army and the interim administration that would incite trouble

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