Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cultural Genocide for Indigenous Fijians

One of the real impact of the Fiji coup for Fijians is the regressive effect on the regard and respect for their culture, custom and tradition. The disrespect directed at fellow Fijians, their institutions and customary practices as a result of the Military position has been laid bare for all to see. Bad mouthing of chiefs has been a deliberate strategy by the Military to link some of them with the events of 2000 and this has continued in relation to the disrespect shown to Fijian institutions such as the great Council of Chiefs. Such actions may mark the slow death of the Fijian culture as known today and a bad omen for the young generation, especially when it is a recognised fact that knowing one's culture and place in society is a key ingredient for moulding the character of young generations away from bad behaviour.

Perhaps a very good example of how low Fijian regard for their culture has sunk is the reported treatment by Commodore Bainimarama of his own chief from the village of Viwa in the province of Tailevu. The chief reportedly went to the Army Chief seeking to meet with him but was repeatedly refused. On being turned away, he told the soldiers at the gate to communicate to the Army Chief what could only be regarded as a curse saying something to the effect that:
"the Commander and his descendants will eat grass" This curse resemble that in the bible made to Nebukanez.

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