Sunday, January 28, 2007

CEOs Terminated - Madness Continues inFiji

Seven sacked CEOs yet to be paid off - Saturday, January 27, 2007

Former Ministry of Commerce chief executive officer Sireli Koyamaibole rakes the yard of his home in Samabula as grandson Josaia Divi watches
SEVEN sacked State chief executive officers have yet to be paid off, Interim Minister for Public Service Poseci Bune confirmed last night. Mr Bune said when the Interim Government sacked the CEOs, their termination letters said they had to hand over all State property, including vehicle and office keys and official documents and files to their respective minister. Mr Bune said if that had not happened, then the CEOs may not have been paid off yet.

"We will give them until next week to hand over properly to the respective ministries if they want to get paid," he said.
Twenty-three State CEOs were terminated two weeks ago and told to vacate their offices.
The CEOs were told they were welcome to apply for positions as permanent secretaries, if they were interested. Mr Bune said permanent secretaries would be paid less than CEOS and that it was part of cost-cutting measures by the Interim Government.
Sacked Commerce Ministry CEO Sireli Koyamaibole voiced concern at not being paid off despite saying he had returned all State property in his care. Mr Koyamaibole said his letter of termination of contract was delivered to him by the Public Service Commission two weeks ago. In that, the State said it would pay his salary and allowances up to and inclusive of Friday, January 19. He said when he checked he found out he had not been paid.

"I wasn't aware of it until I checked today. When I asked our (ministry) accountant she told me that my pay was being held by the ministry," he said. Mr Koyamaibole said he reported the matter to the Samabula Police Station and was told police would investigate. He said after receiving his termination of contract letter, he had done exactly what he had been directed to do by PSC.
"I returned my official car keys, returned the office keys and returned all official files and documents," he said. He said he was owed about $2000.
"I have six dependents. I'm looking after my brother's family because he died last year and now I have no money to cater for their needs. "They have taken my life away. I haven't been paid any severance pay and now I have nothing to provide for my family with," said Mr Koyamai-bole. Interim Minister for Commerce Taito Waradi yesterday said he was not aware of Mr Koyamaibole not being paid.
"I cannot comment on that because the operational people deal with these issues," said Mr Waradi

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