Monday, January 15, 2007

Call for Interim PM to Resign

Unions call on Interim PM to resign - Sunday January 14, 2007

The Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions has called on army commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to vacate his position as Interim Prime Minister. The unions also called for interim ministers who were failed candidates in the 2006 Elections to also step down. It is part of a proposal by the FICTU affiliates to resolve the political crisis.
# Commodore Bainimarama should vacate his position as Interim Prime Minister to allow the President to appoint a qualified civilian as Interim Prime Minister;
# Interim ministers who are politicians or failed candidates in the 2006 election, similarly vacate their positions to enable the President to replace them with eminent and qualified civilians of repute as interim ministers;
# that the new Interim Government set a time frame not exceeding two years to return Fiji to parliamentary democracy and constitutional governance through free and fair general elections;
# the new Interim Government be tasked with only administering the affairs of the country in terms of day to day governance aimed at maintaining political, social and economic stability, safeguarding the rights and interests of citizens and groups, prudent management of finances as per established financial regulations and maintaining the livelihood in its current form;
# the new interim government should not tamper with or attempt to change the 1997 Constitution or any laws and regulations through decrees;
# the status quo of all civil service, statutory organisations, sugar industry and board appointments should be maintained as already provisions of the Constitution and other Acts were violated with termination of appointments of several individuals;
# the Interim Government must recognise that there are two national trade union centres in Fiji namely, FICTU and the Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC). Likewise, there are two nation employer organisations in the country;
# the new interim government should appoint a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate claims and allegations of corruption by the last government;

# all officers, men and women of the RFMF should return to the barracks immediately and discharge their duties in accordance with the RFMF Act. The role of policing our streets and safeguarding law and order should be handed over to the police;

# in the name of transparency and accountability, the interim prime minister and all interim ministers must publicly declare all their interests.

Military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni said FICTU had lost touch with reality in making these demands. He said the FICTU’s proposals would not change anything.

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